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 Kıraça Holding was founded by İnan Kıraç and Claude Nahum in 1998, as Kıraça Group of Companies. The company is among the leading corporations in automotive, independent aftermarket, design-engineering, maritime and energy businesses.

The main objectives of the company are, to bring in the idle facilities resulting from excess capacity within the automotive sector back to the Turkish economy, to organize the dispersed structure of the independent aftermarket sector through a new marketing and distribution model, which will operate in the international business arena. The Holding proved its potential and achievements in a short period and continues to grow with its expert personnel and companies in the Group.

The activities of the Suna-İnan Kıraç Foundation in education, culture, arts and healthcare shed a different light to the achievements of the Holding in industry and trade. Within the Foundation are also the Pera Museum and the Istanbul Research Institute.



 Since its establishment, Karsan, which has been operating in the Turkish automotive industry for 45 years, has been producing commercial vehicles for the world's leading brands, including its own, through its contemporary and flexible manufacturing facilities, providing marketing, sales and after-sales services through its widespread network.

Founded in 1966, Karsan operated under Koç Group between the years 1979-1998 and later began operating under Kıraça Holding when İnan Kiraç acquired the majority shares in the company in 1998.

As Turkey's only independent multi-branded vehicle manufacturer in the automotive industry since 2002, Karsan signed a strategic partnership agreement with BreadaMenarinibus in September 2010 within the scope of the new vision set up by the company as "Limitless Transportation Solutions." The company thereby increased the number of brands it manufactures to six. At present, Karsan is engaged in the manufacture of Peugeot Partner, Hyundai HD 35/75, Renault Trucks Premium and Premium Lander under the Renault license, Citroen Berlingo under the Citroen license, its own brand Karsan J Series and BredaMenarinibus brand busses. Furthermore, Karsan also provides marketing, sales and after-sales services for Karsan J Series minibuses, Hyundai HD Series trucks, and BredaMenarinibus busses. In addition to vehicle manufacturing, Karsan provides industrial services such as pressing, welding, cataphoresis , painting and assembly at its factory in the Industrial Zone.



 Karland is the largest institutional company in the automotive independent aftermarket in Turkey, bringing internationally proven, high quality, high tech, value added products to the Turkish market.

Karland is a group company of the Kıraça Holding, founded by İnan Kıraç and Claude Nahum and has utilized their considerable experiences to establish an institutional presence in the field. Karland, with its nationwide distribution network, offers more than 50,000 items, its product range covering every brand bumper to bumper. With his expert employees, 15,000 m2 of storage space, 1.500 m2 of modern office space, Karland makes a difference in the sector with its fast logistic service and customer delivery.

Karland brings international sourcing advantages to the sector through its membership of Temot International, which unifies the leading companies of the sector in Europe. As the Temot International shareholder in Turkey, Karland has the opportunity to share information, and to cooperate with major suppliers associated with Temot International.Karland is also represented at FIGIEFA (International Federation of Automotive Aftermarket Distributors) in Brussels as an associate of the Aftermarket Development Association of Turkey.



 Kırpart A.Ş., the leading engine component manufacturer and OEM supplier, has been a reliable partner and supplier to major automotive OEM’s globally since 1969. Kırpart, being a dynamic and innovative company with advanced engineering capabilities and vast experience, is specialized on designing, developing and manufacturing engine cooling system components such as thermostat, water and oil pumps.

Kırpart, retaining the thermostat waxing technologic know-how since 1978, is one of the few manufacturers in the world that have the capability of designing thermostats from a black-box design phase according to customers' specifications.

Since 1982 Kırpart also designs and manufactures various water and oil pumps for wide range of vehicles from passenger cars to commercial vehicles in accordance with OEM's engine specifications.

The other main line of product is aluminium high pressure die casting parts. In combining the latest technology available and its experience, Kırpart founded a modern and a dynamic foundry, equipped with the state-of-the-arts machinery, which is capable of meeting high demands of OEM and Tier-1 customers' expectations worldwide. The foundry is supported by a fully equipped laboratory that assures the optimum quality in production.

Kırpart machines all casting produced parts in-house by using the latest machining technology. Kırpart uses fully automatic robots to operator CNC machines for high volume serial productions so that maximum optimization in the efficiency use of machines and the perfect cutting result can be consistently achieved. The state of the arts CNC machines, fully equipped laboratory and well trained, skillful operators assure Kırpart's precise cutting results.

With casting, machining, assembly operations under one roof, product designing, developing, testing and validating capabilities, with 3 fully equipped dedicated laboratories, all necessary quality certifications including TS/ISO 16949 and ISO 14001, with ERP manufacturing management system and well experienced work force, Kırpart is continuously increasing its share in OEM business. As of today 90% of all production supplied to OEM's worldwide.



 Sirena Marine Denizcilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was founded in November 2006 as a result of the agreement between Kıraça Holding and Azimut-Benetti Group, the globally-renowned motor yacht manufacturer.

Founded, as part of the agreement between the Italian Azimut-Benetti Group, the Europe’s third-largest boat manufacturer and the world leader in over-24-meter motor yacht production, and Kıraça Holding, to operate in motor yacht production and marine industry, Sirena Marine completed the production of the Azimut’s 13.21-meter-long Azimut 42E model. Between 2008 and 2011, Sirena Marine produced 119 boats with 60% of materials procured locally. The company used its 5,750 m2-wide facility which is located in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone and features a testing pool and stock area, and employed 320 people, to complete this production operation.

Sirena Marine also produces high-quality marine equipment, ever-increasing its brand recognition stainless-steel, furniture, flooring, GRP, teak, electric distribution panel and cable set industries.

Besides the İstanbul Pendik Marina office where sales and after-sales activities are carried out, Sirena Marine is expanding its service network with new offices established in Göcek and office-establishing efforts in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Regions.

Sirena Marine, which attained rapid success thanks to its customer-oriented production philosophy, production capacity and quality, is set to invest in other areas to expand its sphere of activities.



 Hexagon Studio provides Capacity, Capability and Connection to its customers. doing business in Mobility and Defence Industries, along the Product Development value chain.




 Hexagon Global Energy Resources was established in 2008 by Hexagon and Kıraça to invest in Turkey's future alternative energy.

Hexagon aims to create shareholder value while reducing Turkey's foreign electricity dependency through green technologies.

Hexagon Global has license applications for wind and solid waste management projects. Hexagon Global is actively developing solar energy plan sites in preparation of expected solar energy licencing in Turkey in the near future. Hexagon Global has license applications for wind and solid waste management projects.


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